Thursday, April 6, 2017

Safe cycling

Safe Cycling

Constable Jos came to our room classroom to talk about Safe Cycling.

The first thing he spoke about was our helmets and why we need to wear them to protect us from brain damage. You can be fined $55 if you don’t wear them.
  • Helmets need to have all the layers
  • They must be firmly done up
  • The adjustable clips must be positioned under your ears
  • They must sit one finger width above your eyebrow

Place your thumb under your chin when doing it up so you don’t pinch your skin. OUCH!
Leave your helmet on your handlebars so you don’t forget to wear it.
Cycling gloves protect your hands if you come off.
A high-vis vest makes you highly visible. (These are not legal requirements but they do protect you)

M = The ‘M’ check
Check the front wheel nut and bolt
Tyre pressure
Handlebars and grips with no holes
Reflectors on pedals and the seat
Chain oil (chain oil is put on when the bike is upside down and you continually turn the pedals)
The serial number and type of bike should be recorded at home in case it is stolen. (You can find the number underneath between the pedals)
The seat needs to adjusted so you can touch the ground with your tippy toes
Check the back brake.
Which brake do you put on first? Both!
If you don’t have a helmet $55 fine
If you don’t have reflectors another$55 fine
If you don’t have brakes $155 fine
It can be expensive not to do the right thing

The peripheral vision is not sound enough to children under 10 years old to be on the road.
The Road



Brushes and hedges that hinder visibility
Parked cars
Elderly people and young children

What side do we bike on in New Zealand?
How do you go round a parked car?
What shoulder do you look over to see if there is a car coming behind you?
How do you know that there is someone in a parked car?
Why are parked cars dangerous?
What are the 4 things that you need to look for if a parked car is going to pull out?
How long do you have to hold you arm out for turning before you turn?

Outside we did our helmet check
Hold your helmet so it is the correct way round
Place it on your head and move your fingers down the straps so your can check that the clips are under your ears
Check that the straps are not too loose

Our Circuit
We practiced our hand signals, turning corners and checking behind to see what was behind us Sometimes we had to turn different corners and that tricked some of us.

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